Your year of increase

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Courtesy of

Greater Morning Star Apostolic Ministries, Grace Apostolic Church’s sister church, held its annual “Finest of the Wheat” celebration this week.

Since Tuesday, June 9, pastors from across the country have arrived to discuss the event’s theme, “The Year of Increase.”

In lieu of the week’s lineup of nightly services and seminars, Grace Apostolic canceled bible study class on Wednesday.

Do you see 2009 as your year of increase? Have you attended the celebration? If so, what have you taken away from the daily lessons?

For more information, check out Greater Morning Star’s website.



  1. I am searching to find the doctrine and rules of the Apostolic church on choosing the right partner and how do you know when you have found that individual. Help me please.

  2. the only right partner is right with jesus. apart from that you no better than anyone what your attracted to. always go to he/she who is spiritual your pastor. always put god first.

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