Bible study: Rev. Stanley teaches on communion

Scripture: Luke 22: 7-22
Where do the roots of Passover stem from? Many have speculated on the beginnings of this Jewish feast day. Rev. Stanley Wachtstetter (watch a clip of his last visit), of Charleston, Miss., who has served as Apostolic Pentecostal liaison to the White House and Congress, offered some food for thought during a Bible study lesson on communion.

-The roots of Passover may have begun with the sacrifice of what could have been a lamb for coverings for Adam and Eve in the post-sin Garden of Eden.
-Also brothers Cain and Able both made offerings to God, but one was made with a sacrifice of surrender (or tithe) — Able gave the fat portions of his firstborn flocks.
-God warned Cain to be wary of sin crouching at his door. Like Cain, some people don’t desire change, they just like to dwell in the presence of the Lord (Genesis 4). -Before we can celebrate a sacrifice must be made, and blood must be shed so that we are covered and can stand in His presence.
-The mercy of God pleaded with the people in Moses’ time: The judgment of God was ready to happen, and it was time for His people to worship Him.
-The judgment fell on the Egyptians’ firstborn sons which was nothing compared to the plight of the Israelites for years.
-The people were told to get ready spiritually and physically to go, and ate unleavened bread to mark what would become the start of a 2,000-year old tradition.
-In this way Jesus celebrated with His disciples, and shared how His body would be broken and His blood shed for their sins.
-Don’t take this reminder lightly, and don’t try to take communion unworthily.

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