‘Your steps are ordered by the Lord’

Scripture: Proverbs 16:1-4, 7-9; Psalm 37:23

Notes from the Missionary Conference: People are chosen and handpicked by God. The Israelites were set apart for a special purpose and God delivered them, showed them favor and made them a great promise.

 But sometimes we have to go through so our faith can be increased and we can learn to trust God in all things. He deserves a people that will serve Him because they love Him, not for the fishes and the loaves. God chose a land for them and whatever He promised them He delivered on. The land didn’t even belong to them. 

God is ordering our steps. It doesn’t matter what you set to do in your life. If He has a plan for you then you have to go through. Like the Israelites, our going through is not by chance. God hasn’t forsaken or forgotten us, but we quickly forget how He delivers and provides. The Israelites were a prime example. They forgot about how God delivered them and began murmuring and complaining. But we have the Holy Ghost, which brings things to our remembrance. God knows your end from the beginning. Steps are defined as stages in a process, from one endpoint to another and there is no stopping inbetween. Things have been arranged in a particular sequence in space and time. When we come into salvation we don’t come into what we should be, but we come in at a beginning point. But if you hang in there and continue to obey the word of God you will get to where you should be.

You won’t get there being dishonest or disobedient, shucking or jiving and you won’t move anyone but yourself. That’s why we have to cry out daily for God’s mercy. It’s about the will of God being accomplished in our lives.

Jeremiah says that the ways of God is not in us. You don’t know what you’re doing, although you think you do. His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Even our best thoughts are sin to God. It’s not about your mind or what you think, but about what God says. We need to pray and ask God His mind, to open our understanding, give us wisdom, help us deal with our struggles and order our steps. He is the overruling factor.

The world has an expected end that includes dysfunction. Don’t get tangled up with what the world is doing. You have the best thing you can have in the world – the Holy Ghost. What about your soul? Where will you spend eternity? It’s about God’s will being done in your life. It’s about hearing “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” It’s time to stop playing church. for you will be held accountable if someone stumbles because of you. Make sure that your steps are ordered by God.

Photo courtesy of http://deneenwhite.wordpress.com


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