How to prevent identity theft


The Youth and Young Adult Ministry discussed how to prevent identity theft at the January Milk 2 Meat. These are four preventative measures for protecting your identity from an enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy your life.

1. Put on your spiritual armour by giving God glory and getting in His word.

2. Hide the Word in your heart that “I might not sin against thee” (Psalm 119). The Word is your treasure.

3. If you find yourself victimized — repent quickly and get back in fellowship with God. Ask the Lord to “create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.”

4. Be ready to walk in liberty. When the enemy returns he should meet a new you. Be prepared to not fall the same way you fell before.

Prayer for 2014 is that we would know who we are and not have our identities stolen from us and that we would activate the word of God.


Press toward the mark

Philippians 3:13-14
In verse 13, Paul told them to forget the past and to move forward. To move forward, you first must forget the past. You also must realize that you have to move forward with God.

2 Cor 10:9
Sometimes The Lord gives you some things and allows you to go through some things just to show you that it is not your doing. Paul was saying that God’s strength was made perfect when he is weak.
The Lord wants us to have a regimented life. He wants us to chase after Him.

In Phil 3:14, Paul said we have to press in. At the time when the weight is heaviest, thats when you’re getting stronger.
To be used by God, you have to be broken. You have to press into the presence of God, even in the midst of hurt and pain. But on the other side of pressing in is victory. Adversity is a bridge to a deeper relationship with God. We don’t pray sometimes until we face adversity.
God is waiting for us to forget the past, to press in, and to let Him work!

The quest to see Him

Philippians 3:7-15
What is your mark today? Is it a better relationship with God? Spiritual confidence? Is it receiving the Holy Spirit? There are many events that we mark in life, but our main mark should be to see His face. Not to see just His hand, but to see His face. When you see His face, it’s not that easy to go back into the familiar.
To do more costs more. We are all on assignment. We all have purpose in the kingdom of God. But sometimes what we see before us keeps us from the presence of God. The closer we get to God, there are somethings in the flesh that have to die. God is looking for purity of heart. God will purify you. It is a lie from the devil that we are dirty beyond cleaning.
There are thought patterns that keep us from hearing God’s voice. We must become obsessed with the presence of God. When God’s presence comes, you can’t operate as you anymore. All of us can carry the kaba, or weight, of God on us so that the people around us can be changed.
We have to press for the more like Paul. We allow things to distract us like depression, going after the things of the world, being crippled by past experiences, etc. We can’t see God is those states. We have to be willing to God after God at any cost!
God transferred His power to us. Nothing can stop you from the pursuit of God but you. We have to get to the point where we want God’s presence more than anything. Carry it with you!
We have to detach from the familiar. We are supposed to be above the enemy. The enemy will come after you when you are on assignment, but the presence of The Lord will help you keep your confidence and quench the darts he throws.
Our responsibility is to host the presence of God. It should grieve us not to have it.
Pure worship brings in the presence of God. We have to want a face to face encounter with God.
We have to also be obedient. There are something’s that God will call you to do that no one else has to do. But you must do it to have His presence.
God wants us to re-present Him to others and bring His presence back.
Stop covering what God has given you because someone else can’t handle it. God is calling us to the forefront. Your light is supposed to shine everywhere you go. When you take the cover off, it will make others want it.
The main point to know is that the high calling is beyond the hand of God.
Isaiah 43:7-21

The pursuit of happiness

The biggest hinderance to seeing the move of God and experiencing more of Him is yourself.

Story of Jesus and three men:
First man on the bench: Jesus walked up to him and gave Him a hug. Just like when you’re newly saved.
Second man on the bench: Jesus walked up to him and touched Him. This is how it is after you’ve had the Holy Ghost for a while. You feel His presence, but it’s not like the hugs you used to get.
Third man: Jesus walked past him. After you’ve matured, you have to go after God. You must develop a boldness to be used by God. God may have us, but do we have Him? You have to go after Him. God is saying if you want Me, you have to come after Me.

1. Necessity of pursuing gifts and callings both to the corporate body and to the believer.
If you want God to use you, you have to follow Him. He’s giving everyone a gift and calling, but He’s not going to make you use it. He gives you an unction, but you have to obey it. We are looking to heaven for results, but God is waiting on us to move. (more…)

Prepare Yourself for a Blessing

Want to see God work wonders upon wonders? Consecrate yourselves and prepare to be ushered into the promised land God has for you! Consecration equals sanctification. Consecration requires separation for a holy purpose and suffocating hindrances that are keeping you from moving to the next level.

Joshua was a leader who understood the necessity of preparation through sacrifice to receive miracles from God (see Joshua 3:5). After Moses died in the wilderness, God chose Joshua, Moses’ right hand man, as the new leader of the children of Israel. Joshua’s faithfulness to God, along with his courageous, submissive, and wise traits made him fit to lead the people of God. In Joshua 3, God was preparing to take them into the Promised Land in three days. The number 3 signifies resurrection, change and miracles. In this passage, Joshua and all the children of Israel came to the Jordan river and prepared to cross. Crossing the Jordan River symbolized a baptismal experience, as they prepared to experience new life in the Promised Land.

After Joshua instructed the people to consecrate themselves and the priests to take up the Ark of the Covenant and go ahead of them, Joshua received a word from God for the priest to take the Ark and stand in the water. As soon as Joshua got the word from God, he went into action. We as children of God should desire to grow to the point where we are immediately obedient when God instructs us.

Even though God only told Joshua to tell the priests to stand in the Jordan with the Ark, Joshua added that God would stop up the river when they stepped in. Although God didn’t specifically say that He would stop up the river, Joshua used his faith and believed that God would clear a path in the Jordan River just as He had for them when they faced the Red Sea. Likewise, if we want to see God perform miracles and wonders in our lives, we must humble ourselves, commune with God and walk in faith as Joshua did. Just as we come to crossroads in our lives, the children of Israel were at a crossroad and had to be prepared to move forward. That preparation requires faith that after you consecrate and purify yourself, that God will take you into an abundantly blessed place.

God’s blessings come when we humble ourselves and are obedient to His word. 2 Chronicles 7:14 provides the basic formula for allowing God to turn situations around in our favor. It says to be humble, seek God, pray, and turn from sin. Humbling ourselves includes a willingness to suffer. Even though our flesh creates a constant struggle with sin, we must be willing to crucify our flesh so that Christ can rule in our lives (see Galatians 2:20). We must also remember that to see the glory of God, we must also be willing to share in His suffering (see Philippians 3:10; 1 Peter 4:12-13, Romans 5:3-5; Matthew 5:10-12; 1 Peter 2:9, 20).

Even though seeing God work miracles and wonders in our lives comes at a price, if we humble ourselves and pay the price by purifying our lives through consecration, God will bless us abundantly!

Tornadoes, rising waters… How can we help?

Record-setting tornadoes barreled across the Midwest and through the Bible Belt, killing hundreds of people. Now the Mississippi river is cresting and residents along the Mississipi Delta are bracing for the worst. On top of that more violent weather is expected. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those in the area and their families. If you know of any churches that could use assistance, please comment below. We’d like to show our support.

Youth discuss judgment at bible fellowship

Members of the Youth and Young Adult Ministry gathered together on the last Friday of January, for the first of many Bible Fellowships throughout the year. The fellowships are designed to help disciple the youth with discussions of the Word. Here is last month’s conversation at a glance:

Deacon Craig Pendleton kicked the discussion off with a question on judging and keeping appearances. “Separating yourself from worldly things becomes more about the motions than separating yourself because of conviction.”

“When I was younger I thought people who wore makeup were unsaved.”
“There were always reasons why you couldn’t do what you wanted to do, but as long as you looked the part you were okay.”
“Stockings are a big deal. People will act like I’m not saved when I don’t wear them, but I wear them because I’m in ministry.”
An elder “said he thought my Mohawk was too tall and attracted too much attention.”

Then the conversation brought up more questions: How about when we are witnessing? Do we judge without knowing it?
“We can’t disregard or discount people’s relationship with God.”
“It is not up to us to tell people that they are not saved, but to tell them the fullness of the Gospel, which includes the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.”