Seeing signs of a dead church? How to take an autopsy

During the Fall Session of the D.C., D.E., M.D., District Council of the PAW, Inc., Pastor Michael Barber, of Dominion Apostolic Ministries, discussed how to examine the Body of Christ. He advised that churches prioritize soul-winning, as the heartbeat of God, by inspiring the Body and putting people in a position to see God move and have defining moments.

As a Council, we’re in the process of becoming one and beginning to move as a unit, but we have to capture the heartbeat of God. And whether or not, there is growth, we shouldn’t have to wait until something dies until we have an examination. How many churches die because they didn’t take an autopsy? (more…)


The quest to see Him

Philippians 3:7-15
What is your mark today? Is it a better relationship with God? Spiritual confidence? Is it receiving the Holy Spirit? There are many events that we mark in life, but our main mark should be to see His face. Not to see just His hand, but to see His face. When you see His face, it’s not that easy to go back into the familiar.
To do more costs more. We are all on assignment. We all have purpose in the kingdom of God. But sometimes what we see before us keeps us from the presence of God. The closer we get to God, there are somethings in the flesh that have to die. God is looking for purity of heart. God will purify you. It is a lie from the devil that we are dirty beyond cleaning.
There are thought patterns that keep us from hearing God’s voice. We must become obsessed with the presence of God. When God’s presence comes, you can’t operate as you anymore. All of us can carry the kaba, or weight, of God on us so that the people around us can be changed.
We have to press for the more like Paul. We allow things to distract us like depression, going after the things of the world, being crippled by past experiences, etc. We can’t see God is those states. We have to be willing to God after God at any cost!
God transferred His power to us. Nothing can stop you from the pursuit of God but you. We have to get to the point where we want God’s presence more than anything. Carry it with you!
We have to detach from the familiar. We are supposed to be above the enemy. The enemy will come after you when you are on assignment, but the presence of The Lord will help you keep your confidence and quench the darts he throws.
Our responsibility is to host the presence of God. It should grieve us not to have it.
Pure worship brings in the presence of God. We have to want a face to face encounter with God.
We have to also be obedient. There are something’s that God will call you to do that no one else has to do. But you must do it to have His presence.
God wants us to re-present Him to others and bring His presence back.
Stop covering what God has given you because someone else can’t handle it. God is calling us to the forefront. Your light is supposed to shine everywhere you go. When you take the cover off, it will make others want it.
The main point to know is that the high calling is beyond the hand of God.
Isaiah 43:7-21

The pursuit of happiness

The biggest hinderance to seeing the move of God and experiencing more of Him is yourself.

Story of Jesus and three men:
First man on the bench: Jesus walked up to him and gave Him a hug. Just like when you’re newly saved.
Second man on the bench: Jesus walked up to him and touched Him. This is how it is after you’ve had the Holy Ghost for a while. You feel His presence, but it’s not like the hugs you used to get.
Third man: Jesus walked past him. After you’ve matured, you have to go after God. You must develop a boldness to be used by God. God may have us, but do we have Him? You have to go after Him. God is saying if you want Me, you have to come after Me.

1. Necessity of pursuing gifts and callings both to the corporate body and to the believer.
If you want God to use you, you have to follow Him. He’s giving everyone a gift and calling, but He’s not going to make you use it. He gives you an unction, but you have to obey it. We are looking to heaven for results, but God is waiting on us to move. (more…)