Bishop on communion: You should be ready!


We’re here to commemorate a special occasion about the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Bible says to modify the deeds of the flesh, so you can be submissive to the word of God. But the blood of Jesus cleanses you from the guilt of sin. He has taken our sins upon Him and we can praise Him for what He’s done! 

Bible says sin is the transgression of the law, so your body will always be the same, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be saved. But we have to keep in mind that we can’t yield our members to sin and please God. He has given us the Spirit to overpower the flesh, because greater is He than is in you than he that is in the world.

Aren’t you glad about the Holy Ghost?
We’ve been crucified with Christ because of what He’s done for us. Through the power of the indwelling spirit I can bring my flesh under subjection. God is a great God and without Him we can do nothing. In Colossians, we know we have redemption through Him, even the forgiveness of sin.  (more…)


Experience communion service as it happened

Evangelist Walls leads worship with all the “Power in the Blood” songs.
Min. Gravette preaches the first sermonette from 1 Corinthians 11: 23-24 and John 6: 53-56, 58.
Notes: “By partaking of the break we have access to eternal life. Think about it. ” It should have been our bodies broken on the cross because of sin. He that eats of this bread lives forever. “Take of the cup and live forever.”
Deacon Morris preaches the second sermonette.
Notes: The blood makes an atonement for the soul. Remember when Abel’s blood cried unto God? The blood has a voice. It speaks. When God sees us He sees the blood of Jesus and “finds no fault.” All things are purged by blood, but it has to be pure. “He that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood dwells in me and I in them.” (more…)

Bible study: Steps to the Last Supper

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Scripture: Luke 22: 14-22
Bishop Pendleton teaches on the preparation process for taking communion. It starts with the sincerity of your heart.

-Before you take communion be sure that you have no -isms or -schisms with your brother or sister. Examine yourself, because we are all one bread and one body, and all partakers of the body of Christ. Therefore there should be no divisions among us.
-Don’t be afraid to take communion. If you are then you ought to be concerned about your lifestyle and your commitment to God. Maybe you need to confess or speak to a minister.
-Christ sacrificed His body and blood for you. Do you really understand what He went through? He saw you and me, and was willing to suffer so we would be saved. You owe God your life and your all.
-The Last Supper is a lesson in giving thanks over your food. Before Jesus broke the bread He blessed it. We should do the same at every meal.

Heart questions to ask yourself:
What’s distracting me from focusing on fellowship with the saints at the Lord’s table?
Are there sins that I need to confess?
Are there areas in my walk where I am just going through the (e)motions?
What’s my spiritual temperature? Is God pleased?

Q: What is the Lord’s Supper?
A: The Lord’s Supper is the last meal Jesus shared with His disciples. We partake in it in obedient remembrance of Him. It represents our relationship with Him based on His sacrifice at Calvary. His body was broken for you and His blood — shed for you. It signifies the new covenant.

Bible study: Rev. Stanley teaches on communion

Scripture: Luke 22: 7-22
Where do the roots of Passover stem from? Many have speculated on the beginnings of this Jewish feast day. Rev. Stanley Wachtstetter (watch a clip of his last visit), of Charleston, Miss., who has served as Apostolic Pentecostal liaison to the White House and Congress, offered some food for thought during a Bible study lesson on communion.

-The roots of Passover may have begun with the sacrifice of what could have been a lamb for coverings for Adam and Eve in the post-sin Garden of Eden.
-Also brothers Cain and Able both made offerings to God, but one was made with a sacrifice of surrender (or tithe) — Able gave the fat portions of his firstborn flocks.
-God warned Cain to be wary of sin crouching at his door. Like Cain, some people don’t desire change, they just like to dwell in the presence of the Lord (Genesis 4). (more…)