Where is Your Altar?

Genesis 13:1-4
You should never go a place without taking out time to communicate with God. Don’t lose focus on what God has planned for you to do. We have to be careful to wait on and follow God and not get off track with Him.
Abram means “high father.” His recognition was bestowed upon him by his personal experiences with God. He built altars to worship God when he went certain places.
Three altars that Abraham built:
Altar #1: Genesis 12:6: Abraham built an altar at Sichem, which represents strength. Strength represents obedience to God’s will about where to go or to stay. Sometimes we need the will to stay where God wants us to stay, instead of our own will that tries to to leave where He placed us. Don’t just use God’s will in things that favor us. We can’t make our will God’s will. Sometimes it is God’s will for you to stay put because He is trying to build up something in you and prepare you for something to come. We can’t spend more time asking God what His will is than we spend doing it.
Altar #2: Genesis 28: An altar of sacrifice at Bethuel, which represents the church and the church represents sacrifice. We must give God ourselves for God to fulfill His purpose in our lives.
Altar #3: Genesis 13: Altar of unity at Hai, where we share with others.
Genesis 12:10
You can’t go to the world expecting to be delivered. Nor should you go to a place inferior to what you already had. Egypt was inferior to Canaan.
We have to take our eyes off the circumstances we’re in because God has already put you in the best place! Why would you leave a land that God is watching over? Be where God’s presence is. Be where God is watching!
If you walk out of the church and into the world, there are consequences. If you think you only committed one sin, that one sin will lead to another. There are consequences even to that one sin. Abraham trusted in Egypt. We can’t trust in the world, which is like Egypt.
Don’t let the world take your will and your testimony. Wherever you got off track, go back and get it straight. How? Repent and confess your sins. You can’t repent and stay in the same place. You have to come out!
Even though God will forgive you, there is something you can’t get back: time. You lose time when you are in the world. Somethings you do have lasting effects even after God forgives you. Don’t waste time getting to God.
Do go anywhere in this world where you will have to leave your testimony behind. Be in a place where you can keep your testimony and stay in the presence of God. Get back in place!
Where is the place where you commune with God? You can be with other saints, be in every prayer meeting and service and still have no altar. Sometimes you have to separate from those who have altars in the wrong place. Go back to the place of the altar that you made to commune with God. Go back to where you messed up and get it right with God. Get back to the right place!


Come out of Bondage

Exodus 3:16-17
Many times we are in trouble and don’t realize it. We feel comfortable where we are because things are going well. But if you’re in the wrong place God has to do something to make us go to the right place. God will bless you in the place where He wants you to be. He wants us to come out of the world. Egypt was the wrong place. He might allow us to go to certain places to prepare us. Sometime we can’t appreciate God or deliverance until we find trouble. It’s sometimes hard to get where we need to be because we are comfortable where we are. The world is not where we are supposed to be. When you start gaining strength, the enemy gets nervous. The king wanted to stop progress because the children of Israel were growing to fast. So he wanted to kill all the males …can’t reproduce….die out. Anytime you go against God’s plan, it won’t work even if the enemy tries to stop it. The king didn’t want Israel to join armies against them. The enemy didn’t want the redemption of the Lord to go forth, but he can’t stop God’s plan.

Pharaoh is like Satan…he doesn’t want to let you go. He will find every tactic he can to keep you in bondage. There is a plan to bring us out of our Egypt. The Israelites were in an undone condition. People come to the Lord because they need to be delivered.

Genesis 5:17
Smoking furnace: God revealed it to Abraham. God had already promised Israel the promised land. God always gives the best! It appeared to be a move toward prosperity when they went down to Egypt. When you start out in the world, it seems prosperous. What would it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul. Love not the world, neither the things in it. When you love the world, you don’t want to leave it. God did not promise Israel Egypt so their prosperity could not continue. God had to take them through the smoking furnace. Sometimes God has to take you through trouble to get you where you need to go. Sometimes God has to turn the enemy loose on you to make you move. God promised Israel a land with milk and honey but they were comfortable in Egypt.

Satan’s territory might look and feel good, but it’s a dangerous place to be. It will eventually lead to sorrow and burdens. Look at God’s process. When Israel started crying, God prepared a deliverer for them. It took time. You may cry for a while, but God is coming! Hold on and God will give you strength! He heard you and help is on the way!
God’s process: Moses’ life is in three stages: 1st 4 years in Egypt with everything he wanted. Next 4 years spent being instructed of the Lord. Next 4 years as the leader of Israel.
God took Israel from the cruel life of bondage to the promised land.

1 Corinthians 10:1-11: Events in Exodus are examples for us. While the Israelites groaned under the weight of their burdens God was preparing a deliver. God has help on the way!
While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Why does God let us suffer so long? We had to see a need for a deliverer. When trouble came, they saw a need to have God bring them out. If everything had kept going well in Egypt, they would have stayed and would have missed the promise.
Why does God let you go through things? God has to stir your nest so you won’t be comfortable.

To start for the land of bondage, you must first see the bondage you’re in. Don’t follow Satan. He is going to the lake of fire. There was nothing Israel could do to save themselves, and there’s nothing we can do to save ourselves. We must entirely rely on Jesus to be our deliverer.

1 Thessolonians 1:10
Moses made a choice that exemplifies a choice to leave the riches of the world for the riches of God. It’s better to be spiritual. Be greedy for God. Moses’ choice was a result of his faith. He believed the promise God gave Abraham.. He laid down the riches of an earthly palace to go with a nation of bondservants. (Hebrews 11:25)
Choose God. Now is your time to get out of Egypt. It might be nice for a while, but your in the wrong place. Be where Jesus is. You don’t have to stay in Egypt. It’s time to get out.
2 Corinthians 6:17; John 14:3; Matthew 6:24; Matthew 11:30

Are you ready to come out of bondage?

Bishop Pendleton preached out of Deut. 6:18-24 on Sunday, about the Israelites being brought out of Egypt (bondage) to be brought in to God’s marvelous light (freedom). This principle still applies today. After you come out of Egypt, Bishop told the congregation, be sure to tell your testimony. Bishop also referenced Psalm 40, which refers to being delivered from a horrible pit and set on a rock of safety.