End Times

Be Prepared for Christ’s Return

Jesus is coming back for His church, which is comprised of those who are saved. What makes you saved? Does repeating a prayer save you? Peter told those on the day of Pentecost that all men must repent, and be baptized of water, in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ, and of the spirit. Pentecost started the “end times.” Now is the time to prepare for Christ’s return so we don’t have to face the Tribulation.
We are the salt of the earth. Just as salt preserves and protects food, the church is to protect God’s people. Sometimes we put too much focus on the Tribulation when we should focus more on the “end times.”
Revelation 19:11-21
God has it set up so the church won’t have to be involved in this. It should give us an incentive to be saved. No one should hope they survive the tribulation. Embrace the grace and mercy of God that is available now. The church’s responsibility is to bring others into the kingdom of God. Even once you are baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost, you are still responsible for continuing your walk with God until the end.
God is merciful and is giving us an opportunity to get right with Him. There are consequences for not following God. The Lord has already given us warning and instructions for living in His word.
We must take our walk with God seriously. If you confess to be saved, your lifestyle should line up with the word of God. Attitudes, behaviors, and activities should change. (Hebrews 2:3) There has never been so crucial a time as now for us to prepare to go back with God. Don’t let anyone take you out of the safety God provides. (Proverbs 18:10)
2 Peter 3
Peter is reminding them to stir up what God put in them and what they have been taught. You can’t base your walk with God on what other people are doing. Base it on the word of God. Carry yourself in a way that no one can condemn your walk with God.


Elder Johnny James on the signs of the End Times

Designed to be different
Not everyone has the same amount of the Holy Ghost. God saved you and filled you with enough Holy Ghost to do your assignment and get the job done. In John 14:16, Jesus said He would send us another (Greek means different) comforter. The entire God is in the Godhead. If you want to know God, know the Father, if you want to see God, see Jesus, if you want to feel God, get filled with the Holy Ghost. We are designed to be different, to be sanctified. An End Time sign is when the church goes worldly. Don’t be like the world. God saved you to be different. Walk, talk, think and be different.

When you examine the scriptures, you will see the Rapture (which means snatched away suddenly) takes place before the Tribulation, because Jesus is going to take us away before all hell breaks loose on Earth. When He comes the church of God – past, present and future – will be unified. (more…)