GPS: God’s Positioning System

In this world, all of God’s children are on a journey, and the Holy Ghost, which is the spirit of God in us, is our guide. The Holy Ghost will guide us into all truth. (St. John 16:13) It did not come to force us to follow God, but instead, to guide us into His will. Following God, therefore, is a choice.
(Focus scripture: St. John 16:1-13)

If we have the Holy Ghost to guide us into all truth, then how do people stray from God? Straying is a result of not reading the word of God. Becoming slack in reading leads to becoming slack in prayer. But God is merciful to warn you and to help you get back on track.

Even when trials seem to overtake us, God is still there to guide us to victory. When Lazarus died and Jesus went to visit Mary and Martha, Mary said, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died.” (St. John 11:21) But Jesus went on to raise Lazarus from the dead. Even then, death had no victory over Jesus. Also in St. John 11, Mary seemed to be very busy when Jesus came to visit. Likewise, we sometimes become “too busy” to listen to God and to go to church. We can never become to busy to hear God. God will guide you to victory when you take time to listen and to heed His voice

The Holy Ghost gives us power and authority to claim victory in our lives. But we must have faith for the Holy Ghost to work. Our faith increases by hearing the word, and by fasting and praying. We must be focused on God and in tune with the Holy Ghost. We must have determination to break through. If you want a break through, pray until you get a breakthrough, whether it takes thirty minutes, an hour, three hours or more. Stay in prayer until you meet God.

God can move in our lives now just has He did in the past. But we must be determined and spiritually minded. Know where you are spiritually, walk in the word, and strive to be where God wants you to be. The word of God will transform your mind, and consequentially, your life.

We might think that life would be much easier if God would just control us and make us obedient. However, God has given us the commands to follow, we just have to be determined to do whatever necessary to be obedient. Sometimes we must find a method that works for us that will help us be obedient in reading the word and in prayer. Go back and get a fresh anointing so you can stay in tune with God. Transformation may not feel good, but it WILL yield results. Transformation is a process. When you put forth a real effort, you see change.

There is a right way (a way that seems right to man), a wrong way, and there’s GOD’s way. Follow God’s way and He will guide you to where you need to be.


Tips for fasting and feasting on the Word

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Thinking about going on a fast? Before embarking on this wonderful Christ-centered journey, consider your health and consult a doctor if you have to. If all checks out, here are some ways to spiritually and naturally prepare your body before, during and after this humbling and disciplined experience (the next step, of course, is making fasting a regular part of your walk):

–Confess your sins and repent before the Lord.
–Start reducing worldly distractions.
–Get rid of some food habits such as caffeine, sugar, red meats, and poultry.
–To start withstanding hunger, consume vegetables or fruits that contain fiber. Our bodies take longer to digest those foods.
–Also eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals and food supplements to keep the body alive and healthy throughout the day.
–Strive to prevent dehydration of the body by drinking lots of water at night.

–Surround yourself with spiritual music and literature.
–Get alone with God, pray, meditate and feast on His word.
–Keep a journal and log your experience.
–Turn off the TV, and try to remove or eliminate temptations.
–Avoid eating sugar, and refined and fatty foods.
–Tell the least amount of people that you are fasting. (more…)

Bible study: A review of the facts on Fasting

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Scripture: Isaiah 58:6-12
Deacon Morris picked up where Bishop left off on Fasting last week.

-We can get hard-hearted and lukewarm in the church, and fasting properly is a way to get “hot” for God.
-And you should be like “a spring of water whose water does not fail.” (NKJV)
-It’s a way to get replenished, build up our old waste places and repair the breach (standing in the gap for others).
-God blessed those who were sinful and fasted (ex. Ninevites, King Ahab).
-Fasting puts us in a place to be restored; to confront and stop the enemy.
-Some things will not move without fasting and praying (ex. Hannah).