A Time for Meditation

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Scripture: Psalms 1

Notes: Meditation means to engage in contemplation or reflection. To meditate is to focus one’s thoughts on what God has done. Meditating allows you to recognize that you are only where you are because of His goodness. We must find time to ponder on God’s grace and mercy and recognize His blessings. Keep your heart and mind on The Lord throughout the day (Psalms 16:8). Think on things that will increase your strength in God.

Ingest the word of God. We must see the need for the word of God. The word was joy and delight to Jeremiah. It is important for us to develop a love for the word (Jeremiah 15:16).

You won’t focus on your problems, present and past, as much if you meditate on the word. Those seeking to live under God’s blessings should meditate on God’s word. How long? “Day and night” (Psalms 119:148).

The word of God will shape your thinking and attitude. When you meditate on the word, you will begin to examine yourself and be honest with yourself. The church is supposed to serve as examples to the world. We have to check to see if the Spirit is leading our lives.

When you meditate, seek God for what He wants you to get out of the word. The word will open up your eyes.

Psalm 119:33-35 says Delight in the path of The Lord. Joy comes to our hearts as we read and obey the word. When we read with an earnest desire to understand, the Holy Ghost will help us discern the truth in His word. It will lift and minister to your spirit. If we delight in His word, we develop a deeper love for His commandments (Psalms 119:47-48).

When you are quickened by the word, you will start doing what your supposed to do in Christ. Meditation bring growth in The Lord. You have to take your mind off of other things and focus on The Lord. God will strengthen, encourage you and walk with you through your situations. God will bless you when you put your mind on The Lord! It’s time to meditate!