Where is the answer?

Genesis 22:1-8
There are several tests that came upon Abraham in the book of Genesis: He was tested by his father, by his nephew Lot, and by his wife. It is through testing that we find out what kind of faith we have. We have to be willing to face the tests that come up in life. We may not understand why we go through some things, but if we keep walking with God, He will reveal the reason to us.
The conflicts Abraham had with Ishmael and Isaac were conflicts of the flesh and of the spirit. Isaac was the child of promise. Ishmael was the result of man’s attempt to produce natural evidence to a supernatural promise. But we have to bring the will of the flesh under subjection. The only way to overcome the fleshly nature is to cling to God’s word. Ishmael symbolizes the old covenant with Israel and Isaac symbolizes the new covenant with the church. Christians today are not under the law. There is a conflict between God’s way and man’s way. Salvation allows you to see things spiritually instead of naturally. If we obey God, He will always make a way and solve our problems. We must be very careful with our relationship with those outside of Christ.
Satan tempts us to bring out the worst in us, but God tests us to bring out the best in us. (James 1:12-14) God doesn’t take you though something to tear you down, but He takes you though things to build you up. God tests you so that He may be glorified when you endure and come out as pure gold!
When God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, He wasn’t looking for Isaac to die but He wanted to be sure that He had Abraham’s heart. God wanted to be sure that Isaac was not standing as an idol between God and Abraham. Never doubt in the promise that God gives you. Abraham remained faithful and obedient to God and God kept His promise. Sometimes we use the ram instead of the lamb. With Abraham, it was not time to use the lamb as a sacrifice. Jesus came later as the lamb for the sacrifice. The lamb that Isaac was concerned about was Jesus! Don’t use the ram for the answer. The ram is a fill-in to satisfy the situation at the time. But the lamb, Jesus, did come at the right time. Everything must happen at the right time that God appoints. God provides when we are obedient. Don’t lose faith because God doesn’t give the answer to your problem right away. Stay faithful to God and He will provide.


Come Up Here!

John 5:24-25; John 11:43; Rev 4:1
You can’t hear “Well done thy good and faithful servant” until you hear “Come up Here.”

John 5:19
What is my father doing? If the spirit doesn’t work, then I can’t work. If the spirit doesn’t encourage then I can’t encourage.

Only the dead in Christ will hear “Come up here.”
There is tribulation in this life. Be prepared for battle.
People are starting to turn their backs on the church all together because they don’t see the proof that God is real.

Three things the Bible does:
1. Brings the knowledge of God, not to debate each other
2. Tells us what God is doing…His purpose
3. Bring to us the power of God…He can do anything!

Take your faith another step. God will resurrect this body. Though this outward man perish (never gets healed/delivered), yet the inward man is renewed day by day. (2 Corinthians 4:16)

If God doesn’t answer there is a reason. God had to let Lazurus die because God had done many miracles and the people were still unbelieving. God needs you to go through so He could get the glory.

Matthew followed God on command.
Look back on what God has already done. Wait on the Lord and set your affections on things above.

We have to show the world who the true church is.

Whosover calls on the name of the Lord….what will it take for us to believe God? Do we have to go through so many trials? How long will it take for us to get in our minds to trust God and to serve Him?

Jesus wanted His disciples to know that He is the resurrection and that He had to go away to send another comforter.
See yourself resurrected in Jesus after your trials are over.
Only the spirit of God will hear the beckoning voice of God. You need the Holy Ghost in you!

It takes dedication and commitment. We have to obey. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Prepare Yourself for a Blessing

Want to see God work wonders upon wonders? Consecrate yourselves and prepare to be ushered into the promised land God has for you! Consecration equals sanctification. Consecration requires separation for a holy purpose and suffocating hindrances that are keeping you from moving to the next level.

Joshua was a leader who understood the necessity of preparation through sacrifice to receive miracles from God (see Joshua 3:5). After Moses died in the wilderness, God chose Joshua, Moses’ right hand man, as the new leader of the children of Israel. Joshua’s faithfulness to God, along with his courageous, submissive, and wise traits made him fit to lead the people of God. In Joshua 3, God was preparing to take them into the Promised Land in three days. The number 3 signifies resurrection, change and miracles. In this passage, Joshua and all the children of Israel came to the Jordan river and prepared to cross. Crossing the Jordan River symbolized a baptismal experience, as they prepared to experience new life in the Promised Land.

After Joshua instructed the people to consecrate themselves and the priests to take up the Ark of the Covenant and go ahead of them, Joshua received a word from God for the priest to take the Ark and stand in the water. As soon as Joshua got the word from God, he went into action. We as children of God should desire to grow to the point where we are immediately obedient when God instructs us.

Even though God only told Joshua to tell the priests to stand in the Jordan with the Ark, Joshua added that God would stop up the river when they stepped in. Although God didn’t specifically say that He would stop up the river, Joshua used his faith and believed that God would clear a path in the Jordan River just as He had for them when they faced the Red Sea. Likewise, if we want to see God perform miracles and wonders in our lives, we must humble ourselves, commune with God and walk in faith as Joshua did. Just as we come to crossroads in our lives, the children of Israel were at a crossroad and had to be prepared to move forward. That preparation requires faith that after you consecrate and purify yourself, that God will take you into an abundantly blessed place.

God’s blessings come when we humble ourselves and are obedient to His word. 2 Chronicles 7:14 provides the basic formula for allowing God to turn situations around in our favor. It says to be humble, seek God, pray, and turn from sin. Humbling ourselves includes a willingness to suffer. Even though our flesh creates a constant struggle with sin, we must be willing to crucify our flesh so that Christ can rule in our lives (see Galatians 2:20). We must also remember that to see the glory of God, we must also be willing to share in His suffering (see Philippians 3:10; 1 Peter 4:12-13, Romans 5:3-5; Matthew 5:10-12; 1 Peter 2:9, 20).

Even though seeing God work miracles and wonders in our lives comes at a price, if we humble ourselves and pay the price by purifying our lives through consecration, God will bless us abundantly!

A Lesson from Ruth: Stay in a Blessed Place

Want to know where your blessing is? God has a special time and place for us to receive your blessing if we commit to following Him. The story of Ruth gives us insight to how we should approach our relationship with God. (see Ruth 1:11-16) Ruth followed and worked for Naomi, her mother-in-law, just as we should follow and work for God. Ruth rested at her husband Boaz’s feet, just as we should rest at the feet of Christ. Ruth and Orpah’s, Naomi’s second daughter-in-law, journey to Moab from their home in Judah to escape famine represent those who leave God when situations become difficult. When we face difficult situations while living for God, we should never wonder whether He will provide. However, instead we sometimes leave the place God has designated to bless us because circumstances are difficult. But we have to remember to always trust God through it all!

Even if someone turns away from God, God has a plan to bring His child back. (see Genesis 26:2-3) There is always hope! We, however, must be willing to go back to our place in Christ. We also must be aware of the influence we can have over others. When one returns to Christ, that person can bring another along, just as Ruth returned home with Naomi. Ruth accepted the God of Israel and of Naomi as her God. However, Orpah rejected God. Orpah would not leave her home or her idol gods to serve the one, true God. Likewise, some people won’t give up the world because they are afraid of being scoffed by relatives and friends. But if you want to be blessed, you have to be where God wants you. And as children of God, we should want to take advantages of the blessings He has for us. (See 2 Peter 1:4)

In the story of Ruth, Boaz can also represent Christ. Boaz would not allow his faithful workers to go empty handed. When we are in need, God will lead someone to help or guide us if we would just be faithful and obedient. When your are in the right field, God will bless your abundantly! (see Psalms 126:6)

In order to receive blessings from God, we also must be obedient to Him. God instructs the church not to have spiritual fellowship with the world. (see 2 Corinthians 6:14) We have to follow ALL of God’s instructions. There are no blessings in circumventing His word.

Ruth was blessed because she followed instructions and was faithful. Likewise, we must do the same in our walk with God. Ruth could have been like Orpah and went a different direction. However, Ruth chose to stay with Naomi and follow God. We must also follow God, even when we see others reject Him. If we, however, commit to living according to God’s word and to keeping our place in Christ, God’s blessings will surely come!

‘It’s better to obey’

Scripture: John 2: 1-5; Samuel 15:22-23
We’re focusing on obeying the Word of God — “Whatsoever He saith do it.”

Notes: Many times we like to feel like we make our own decisions and we can do what we want to do, but we can find ourselves in trouble when we don’t follow instructions. We don’t see the end road or beyond where we are, but we serve an all-wise God. He’s Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, first and last.

A lot of times the Lord asks us to do things that may seem “off the wall,” but the Bible teaches us not to lean on our own understanding. It may have seemed foolish for the men at the Cana wedding to get water when they needed wine, but they didn’t understand the power of God. “My ways are not your way and neither are my thoughts your thoughts.” He does things that seem impossible possible. Through Him all things are possible. There is nothing that He can or cannot do. The instruction here is not to understand what God is saying, but to do what He is saying. It’s not about “getting it,” but “doing it.” Stop trying to analyze God. If He said it do it. (more…)