Bishop on the “The Power of One!”

Bishop Pendleton, new diocesan of the DC DE MD District Council of the PAW Ministry, breaks down the vision that God has given Him for the council. Follow @grace_apostolic on Twitter for the highlights.


Agreement Prayer

There is power in prayer. We can increase the power of our prayers when we pray in agreement with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Agreement prayer brings strength and unity and brings God in the midst (see Matthew 18:18-20). When we face difficult situations or feel like we are not getting through to God on our own, we have to remember that we have a support in the church and do not have to fight all of our battles alone. Even if we have loved ones who have turned away from God, we should never give up on them. Pray in agreement, bombard heaven and let God turn the person’s mind around!

Prayer requires faith in God. When looking for God to move on our behalves, we have to continue to trust God, even if he doesn’t answer in the time frame in which we want Him to answer. If we are praying for someone to return to God, remember that God can still honor that prayer even after we leave this earth. God promises that He will answer prayer, so we must trust Him until the end!

We also have to watch for “prayer hinderers.” Prayer hinderers are actions or things within us that might keep God from answering our prayer. Ask God to move the hindrances out of the way!

We should never get tired of praying (see Luke 18:1). And when we pray in agreement with others, it strengthens all who are praying. Prayer partners can lighten the loads we bear if we chose a prayer partner we can trust. Even if you don’t want to share the details of your problem, others can still touch and agree in prayer.

However, when you enter into a prayer agreement, there has to be uniformity and compatibility for it to be effective. Whomever we agree with in prayer must be spiritually minded and in Christ if we want our prayers to “bind things on earth and in heaven.” (see Luke 5:36). New [creatures in Christ] can’t agree with old.

Before we agree with others in prayer, we must agree with Christ. Entering an agreement with Christ means we agree to His standards. When we are saved, we agree to live holy, regardless of what trials come our way of what others do (see Matthew 20:1-16). Don’t let anything cause you to breach your contract with God. If you breach your contract with God, you are making one with Satan. It’s that serious.

When we are in agreement, we are of one mind. We must agree in prayer with others and in our walk with Christ.

Highlights from the Young People’s Convention

Hundreds of young people across the DC, Delaware, Maryland Council’s (PAW) Young People’s Convention gathered together at GAC to “Tap into the Power” from Friday, October 22-Saturday, October 23. Here’s a glimpse of the festivities:

Pastor Suzie Wright, of Zion Apostolic Christian Memorial Church, ministered on Friday night.

Sis. Brittany gets baptized in Jesus’ name following the service.

Evangelist Krista Tyson, of Calvary Ministries International, preached on Saturday night.

Women, prepare for a power-packed conference!

Courtesy of Google Images

Praise the Lord! The DC, DE & MD District Council’s Women & Christian Worker’s Auxiliary is holding the Women of Prayer, Praise and Power Conference at Grace Apostolic Church. Bishop Earnest Pendleton will serve as the host pastor. Evangelist Angela Fooks of Greater Higher Hope Temple, and our own Evangelist Yvonne Pendleton are the speakers. Guest singers include the Greater Higher Hope Praise Team, the Barton Sisters and Sis. Janeen Goggins.

Prayer Breakfast begins at 9 a.m.
Fashion Show begins at noon.
Lunch served at 2:30 p.m.

Registration fee

Secretary Sis. Dorothy Caraway at 410-322-3380, Vice President Sis. Ida Johnson 202-528-6061 or President Evang. Carol Williams at 703-350-6635 and/or cmwilliams101@hotmail.com, for more information.