God is calling you to have FaceTime with Him!


Sis. Finger preached during the Youth Service of the November District Council and here are a few points from the “simple message” that the Lord shared with her that referenced the Apple iOS app that allows you to make video calls.

WHAT: God is calling us to deeper intimacy with Him!
WHO: Anyone who feels the tug
WHY: Because of the lateness of the hour. Don’t miss your appointment with God. In your dreams and prayer, there is opportunity to spend FaceTime with God. (Exodus 24)

When God calls, will you answer?


Get in the Word and Stay There

1 Peter 2
We have to come to a place where we yearn for and cannot rest without God. If we get to that place, we will be able to grow in God. When you desire something or someone, you spend time with it or them. We need to feel this way about God’s word. We should so attached to God that we feel we must hear from Him. If you really want to hear God’s voice, pick up your Bible. God is the Word.
We have to develop a hunger and thirst for God. If we do, we won’t have any problem yielding to the will of God.
In order to present yourself to God, you have to lay aside those things that hinder you from walking with God. (see 1 Peter 2:1) Deny yourself. The flesh will not be subject to the law of God, so we must mortify the deeds of the flesh. (see Romans 8:7; Romans 7:23; Romans 8:13) The Holy Ghost will give you power and authority over your flesh and over anything the devil has to offer. (see Acts 1:8)
Even after you receive the Holy Ghost, you must develop a deeper desire for God. If you become slack in reading, fasting, and praying, you become weak and vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. Reading, fasting, and praying feed you spirit. Don’t grow so busy with the cares of this world that you starve your spirit, grow weak and faint.
You have to get a desire for God just as a baby gets a desire for milk. (see 1 Peter 2:2) The word is the voice, will, and strength of God. There’s nothing that can happen in your life that the Word of God doesn’t address. (see 2 Peter 1:3) At church should not be the only time you hear the word of God. You must read and study it for yourself. (see 2 Timothy 2:15; Isaiah 28: 10)
When you reject the word, you are rejecting Christ. If you truly love God, you will stick with Him, get closer to Him, and most importantly, keep His commandments.

GPS: God’s Positioning System

In this world, all of God’s children are on a journey, and the Holy Ghost, which is the spirit of God in us, is our guide. The Holy Ghost will guide us into all truth. (St. John 16:13) It did not come to force us to follow God, but instead, to guide us into His will. Following God, therefore, is a choice.
(Focus scripture: St. John 16:1-13)

If we have the Holy Ghost to guide us into all truth, then how do people stray from God? Straying is a result of not reading the word of God. Becoming slack in reading leads to becoming slack in prayer. But God is merciful to warn you and to help you get back on track.

Even when trials seem to overtake us, God is still there to guide us to victory. When Lazarus died and Jesus went to visit Mary and Martha, Mary said, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died.” (St. John 11:21) But Jesus went on to raise Lazarus from the dead. Even then, death had no victory over Jesus. Also in St. John 11, Mary seemed to be very busy when Jesus came to visit. Likewise, we sometimes become “too busy” to listen to God and to go to church. We can never become to busy to hear God. God will guide you to victory when you take time to listen and to heed His voice

The Holy Ghost gives us power and authority to claim victory in our lives. But we must have faith for the Holy Ghost to work. Our faith increases by hearing the word, and by fasting and praying. We must be focused on God and in tune with the Holy Ghost. We must have determination to break through. If you want a break through, pray until you get a breakthrough, whether it takes thirty minutes, an hour, three hours or more. Stay in prayer until you meet God.

God can move in our lives now just has He did in the past. But we must be determined and spiritually minded. Know where you are spiritually, walk in the word, and strive to be where God wants you to be. The word of God will transform your mind, and consequentially, your life.

We might think that life would be much easier if God would just control us and make us obedient. However, God has given us the commands to follow, we just have to be determined to do whatever necessary to be obedient. Sometimes we must find a method that works for us that will help us be obedient in reading the word and in prayer. Go back and get a fresh anointing so you can stay in tune with God. Transformation may not feel good, but it WILL yield results. Transformation is a process. When you put forth a real effort, you see change.

There is a right way (a way that seems right to man), a wrong way, and there’s GOD’s way. Follow God’s way and He will guide you to where you need to be.

Trying to find the voice of God? It’s in His word


God’s word: The Holy Bible

Are you trying to find the voice of God? It’s in His word (see 2 Peter 1:21)!

The Bible is the word of God, not the word of men. Holy men of God wrote as the Holy Ghost led them. God left us the scriptures for our learning and for our instruction.

If you disobey the word of God, you are disobeying His voice. The word of God says Jesus is the chief cornerstone. He had to be first in the foundation of the church. The word of God lines up with the chief cornerstone and will teach us everything we need to know. We don’t have to rely on other’s opinions. The word says to “Fear God and keep His commandments.” God’s word is forever settled.

That means that even though the government bends on gay rights and calls them civil rights, we still have to rely on what God says about it. The world will change, but the church must remain the same.

We obey the law of the land as long as it does not conflict with God’s laws. God’s laws supersedes all other laws. (more…)

Do the fast that God has called

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Isaiah 58:5-8
Fasting is one way to move your will out of the way and to turn over to God’s will. There are several types of fasts: absolute, natural, fasting from activities, etc.

When you are fasting, we feel that our bodies are being afflicted, but your soul is being afflicted as well. The flesh is always contrary to what God wants and needs to be subdued. But what happens when you afflict your soul? When your soul is afflicted, there should be a greater desire to be closer to God and to do His will. If only your flesh is afflicted, your soul doesn’t get closer to God.

Your flesh doesn’t have a connection with God, your soul does. God wants your soul to be afflicted to the point where you want nothing more than God. When fasting, do we only say we’re hungry and that our flesh hurts? Or are we saying that our souls are hungry for God? (more…)

A Burden to Work for God

There is a burden that is a part of the people of God to restore souls…those that are weak and heavy laden. (Jeremiah 1)

Nehemiah had a burden for Jerusalem. We have to take the burden for souls for ourselves and not shift the burden to someone else. There was something in Nehemiah that didn’t want to see Jerusalem go to waste. He didn’t shift the burden to someone else.

Everything you do for God must start with a burden. If you don’t have a burden to worship, you won’t worship. If you don’t have a burden to pray, you won’t pray. When you’re close to something, it burdens you to see it not fulfilling the potential it has.

When God wants to get something done, He puts a burden on His people. His people see ruin and waste and are motivated to restore it to what it is supposed to be.  (more…)

Keys to Getting your Prayer Through

If you feel like you are having trouble getting your prayer through to God, He has provided a few prayer-troubleshooting steps to enhance your connection to Him and to solidify your faith as you wait for Him to move.

1. Call in reinforcements. In developing our relationship with God, we do need to be able to seek God for ourselves, but sometimes we need prayer partners as reinforcements. It is good to have a prayer partner who you can relate to and who has your best interest in mind. Pray with someone with whom you are comfortable and have confidence in. When you come together with a prayer partner, you must come together with one mind and agree on the prayer request. The prayer request should be scriptural and ethical. Do not pray for something that needs to be confessed. Know that everyone is not equipped to take your confession. If you need to and want to be delivered, you must follow God’s method for doing so. You must be sincere and have the right motives. If you ask God for something and it’s not genuine, then you ask amiss and God will not answer (see James 4:3).

Whatever your problem is, neither you nor your prayer partner should feel responsible for handling it. Prayer is for taking problems to God. The problem might be too great for you to handle, but it is never too great for God! Matthew 18:19-20 lets us know that if two touch and agree for something on earth, God will answer their request. He also promises to be in the midst where two or three are gathered in His name. Make sure the Lord is involved!