Keys to Getting your Prayer Through

If you feel like you are having trouble getting your prayer through to God, He has provided a few prayer-troubleshooting steps to enhance your connection to Him and to solidify your faith as you wait for Him to move.

1. Call in reinforcements. In developing our relationship with God, we do need to be able to seek God for ourselves, but sometimes we need prayer partners as reinforcements. It is good to have a prayer partner who you can relate to and who has your best interest in mind. Pray with someone with whom you are comfortable and have confidence in. When you come together with a prayer partner, you must come together with one mind and agree on the prayer request. The prayer request should be scriptural and ethical. Do not pray for something that needs to be confessed. Know that everyone is not equipped to take your confession. If you need to and want to be delivered, you must follow God’s method for doing so. You must be sincere and have the right motives. If you ask God for something and it’s not genuine, then you ask amiss and God will not answer (see James 4:3).

Whatever your problem is, neither you nor your prayer partner should feel responsible for handling it. Prayer is for taking problems to God. The problem might be too great for you to handle, but it is never too great for God! Matthew 18:19-20 lets us know that if two touch and agree for something on earth, God will answer their request. He also promises to be in the midst where two or three are gathered in His name. Make sure the Lord is involved!



What does God have to do to show you He’s able?

Scripture: Phillipians 4:6; Ephesians 3:20
Bishop Pendleton reminds us just how all-powerful and able our God is.

Notes: What is it that you want from God? Some want to be saved. After you receive the Holy Ghost you have to do everything to stay saved. Others want to be kept in every situation. That’s why David cried out to the Lord: “I want you to help me because I know I can’t make it without you.” If you want help, help is at hand. God is out present help.

He helps those that depend on Him. Tell God, “I depend on you.” If you ask Him to help you then you’re going to have to trust Him – believing Him with nothing doubting. Trust in Him at all times and pour out your heart. He is a refuge for us. Here to shield and protect us. There is nothing wrong with crying and calling out to Him. Now that doesn’t mean having a pity party. .. (more…)