Be Holy!

Hebrews 10
We have to let the spirit of God rule in our lives. We must get to a place where we stop making excuses for our shortcomings so we can move forward in God. It’s not possible to backslide without overriding the Holy Ghost first. Be led by the Spirit. (see Jude 1:24) There’s no way to go wrong if you adhere to the word of God. (see Psalms 119:11)
If you get off track with God, accept all of the responsibility for it. Backsliding is no one else’s fault. Beware of the wiles of the devil, for he is your adversary. Be sober and vigilant so you can recognize who your enemy is. Do not fight your brother and sister in Christ but instead go against the devil who is trying to use them. You can defeat the spirit that causes division if you let the Holy Ghost rule.
We must also get to a place where we can go to the throne of God for ourselves. We can’t always depend on others to pray for us, especially if we don’t pray ourselves. Jesus died so we can have personal access to God. Jesus is our high priest and we can go to Him at anytime. Nobody can take care of your needs like Jesus can!
Since our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost, we have to allow Him to dwell and rule. He sets the standards. He is the high priest over your “house,” which is your body. This means we can’t do anything we want to do with God’s house. We have to seek God to make sure we are following His will. (see Hebrews 10:22)
If we serve God in the beauty of holiness, He will give us the desires of our hearts. If our hearts are pure, the spirit can lead and guide us into all truths. We can’t go before God and doubt and expect God to move. (see Hebrews 10:23) Hold to the profession of your faith without wavering. Holiness is always right! God is calling for holiness. Holiness is not a religion; it is a lifestyle.
You can’t allow anyone to sway you from holiness because you then are being swayed away from God’s promises. Don’t lose out on what God has for you! Be holy!


Follow God’s Instructions

Holiness is not a religion; it is a lifestyle. We come to Christ because we want something different than what we were used to, which means we have to change the things we were doing. We must adopt new lifestyles. (see 2 Corinthians 5:17)
God is very particular and wants us to follow all of His word. Life in Christ requires that we abandon lives of sin. What is sin? All disobedience to God is sin. When we decide to live for The Lord, the devil tries to get us offtrack and to make us backslide. We can’t be in backslidden states and take heed to the word. Backsliding doesn’t happen overnight. The enemy works on your mind for a while. You may not feel like going to church, reading your word, fasting, praying, etc. Don’t let yourself get into that state where you lose out with God.
God wants us to give all of ourselves to Him. (see Romans 12:1) Since we have been purchased by God, we cannot do just anything with our lives or bodies. Our bodies and lives belong to God. God cannot dwell in an unclean temple.
How do you present your body as holy? You deny anything that is unholy. This is not beyond your ability. God has called us unto holiness; to sanctification. Sanctification means that God specifically set you aside. You are so special to God that He hand picked you!
Living for God only requires that you follow God’s instructions. Not following God’s instructions brings shame upon you. If you feel like you are struggling in an area, ask God for help.
1 Corinthians 6:9-20 God is clear on what He accepts and what He doesn’t. Even if the government changes their law, God’s law is the same. We must follow God’s law. Even if you are guilty of straying from a godly lifestyle, God can still forgive you if you repent. (see Romans 6:1-2)
Living for God is not hard; it only requires following instructions. God’s yoke is easy and His burden is light! (see Matthew 11:30) Follow instructions and follow God!

Beware of the Adversary

Ezra 1:1-3
Do you know who your real adversary is? Sometimes we look at each other, thinking our adversary is standing in front of us. But people are not the adversaries. The adversary is the devil, who walks around seeking whom he may devour.
We must even be careful of the devil’s attempts to deceive us. He may appear to be your “friend” but he is not. He wants only to destroy you.
God, however is for you and wants to dwell in you. We are His temples. And we must be careful of how we build upon the foundation, which is Jesus Christ. Don’t let the devil derail you from your desire to work and to live for God.
(see Matthew 24:24)
Everyone that smiles in your face is not on your side. Remember God is with you and for you.
We also must remember that we are not our own. Jesus purchased us with a price. When we clean up our lives, God can dwell in us and can show His glory through us.
We must stay focused on God, otherwise the enemy will come in unaware. We must guard our temples, for they are meant for God’s glory. Especially in relationships, love is something that must be shown, not merely spoken. Women, don’t take a mere promise for love. Don’t let anyone make you destroy your temple. Love protects and shields you, it won’t cause you to defile your temple. (see I Corinthians 6: 15-20) Don’t get infatuation and lust mixed up with love. (see I Corinthians 7:1) Love will cause someone to respect you and to do nothing to hinder your walk with God. Instead, they will walk in God with you. Love God enough to make sure you see Him. It is time for thee church of God to stand up and build the temple of God the way He said to build it. Have strength enough to say NO to the devil and to go with God.
Even with ministers and pastor, make sure what they say lines up with the word of God. Allow the word of God dwell in you richly.
Don’t let anything the devil throws at you hinder your walk with God! (see Jude 1:24)