Youth discuss judgment at bible fellowship

Members of the Youth and Young Adult Ministry gathered together on the last Friday of January, for the first of many Bible Fellowships throughout the year. The fellowships are designed to help disciple the youth with discussions of the Word. Here is last month’s conversation at a glance:

Deacon Craig Pendleton kicked the discussion off with a question on judging and keeping appearances. “Separating yourself from worldly things becomes more about the motions than separating yourself because of conviction.”

“When I was younger I thought people who wore makeup were unsaved.”
“There were always reasons why you couldn’t do what you wanted to do, but as long as you looked the part you were okay.”
“Stockings are a big deal. People will act like I’m not saved when I don’t wear them, but I wear them because I’m in ministry.”
An elder “said he thought my Mohawk was too tall and attracted too much attention.”

Then the conversation brought up more questions: How about when we are witnessing? Do we judge without knowing it?
“We can’t disregard or discount people’s relationship with God.”
“It is not up to us to tell people that they are not saved, but to tell them the fullness of the Gospel, which includes the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.”


Open thread: Keeping youth close to God

PTL (Praise the Lord)!

This open thread is for you! Share random church-, faith- and Christianity-related curiosities with other blog readers. Need a topic? Every fifth Sunday our Angels of Grace children’s choir sings. As you click through the gallery, ask yourself how we can help our youth stay involved in ministry and close to God.

Proverbs 6:2
teaches us to train up our children in the way they should go. Besides our youth and young adult ministry, we fulfill the Word with a Wednesday night youth Academy and Sunday school classes. Our very own Bishop Pendleton has been holding special Bible Study classes geared toward the youth.

How does your church nurture the spirituality of its young and youthful believers? What suggestions do you have to improve the youth ministry in your own church and in the kingdom of God as a whole? What worked for you as a child? Share your thoughts in the comments, or join the discussion on our Facebook page.

IMPACT 2010 Youth Conference begins July 30!

Mark your calendars! You don’t want to miss this year’s Youth Conference at Grace Apostolic Church. The Youth Ministry is preparing to deliver an even higher time in the Lord this year. The marquee includes Elder Jarrett Perdue as guest speaker, and Kevin LeVar & One Sound as the concert headliner. Be there to experience all the dynamic praise, worship and Word to God’s glory, starting Friday, July 30 at 8 p.m. ET. And don’t forget to tell/bring your friends, family, neighbors and them!