The Joy of The Lord

John 15:1-11
Joy is an emotion evoked by well being, success or by having one’s desires. Knowing what God has done for you brings appreciation and joy. It should give you joy just to know you are attached to God.
Anytime you enjoy one’s company, you don’t want to see him or her go. When Jesus told His disciples that He was nearing departure from this earth, they became sorrowful. Jesus comforted them and let them know that their sorrow would turn into joy when He would send the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, back to them. When you know who Jesus is and have a relationship with Him, you will have His joy.
There is a change from walking in pain and sorrow daily, to the moment when the Holy Spirit inhabits you and gives you joy. The joy that God gives is everlasting. It will take you through trials and tribulation. The joy of The Lord is your strength. God wants us to have full joy. (I Peter 1:8)
The Holy Ghost comes with joy and an inner peace. (Philippians 4:7) (Romans 15:13)
Joy doesn’t always express itself in an outward burst. This is why we can’t judge the outward expression of man. The joy of The Lord will keep you. Experience the inner joy that flows from your relationship with God.
Joy is associated with the salvation found in Christ. There is joy wrapped up in the word of God, which is why we must read it continuously.
Sometimes, it is a struggle to read the word of God. But we must press though our bodily feelings to the place where God can illuminate our understanding in the word. We must also get to a place where our joy is not based on the music we listen to or on the praise of others, but on the meditation of the word of God.
(I Peter 1:4) We should get excited about our inheritance that God has reserved for you. We should be glad that God has and is protecting our inheritance for us. No one can touch it because Jesus is in charge of it. Even in trials, what you’re going through is not equal to where you will be. (I Peter 1:7) Even though you have yet to see your inheritance, you can rejoice in knowing and trusting that God will give it to you. When you are going through your trials, just start seeking the face of God. When you read the word, you can see the face of God. Put your trust in God and you can rejoice. God will come to your rescue; He is a deliverer.
Having a relationship with God will keep you even when your hurting. His joy is always present when you have Him in you. Relationship with God brings joy.


Bible study: Talking about ‘real joy’

The fruits of the Spirit

Scripture: Matthew 5:1-10, Galatians 5:22-26; 6:1-10
Elder Shaw teaches on the joys of joy.

Notes: The fifth chapter in the Epistle to the Galatians discusses the fruits of the Spirit. If we are filled with the Holy Ghost we should be producing love, joy and the rest of the attributes listed in Galatians 5:22. They are found in you, but you have to cultivate them and allow them to manifest in your life.

Joy is defined as the experience, expression and possession of great pleasure and satisfaction. What can cause you to lose your joy? If we lose our joy it’s by choice. It could be because of a lack of faith, disobedience, discouragement and/or the trials and tribulations of life. However, if you sow to your Spirit you “shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

The Book of James admonishes us to “count it all joy” when we fall into diverse temptations. That means rejoice “with joy unspeakable,” and put your trust and confidence in the Lord. It’s about your attitude and your perspective, especially when you’re going through. But you have to make a choice to reach out for real joy by faith.

Joy is a possession. It’s yours if you want it. You can share it by lifting someone else up. Remember how Paul and Silas praised God in spite of the circumstances? Joy is also spiritual. It comes from God being inside of us. We have to yield and learn to stay in the presence of the Lord, where there is fullness of joy.

Q: What’s the difference between joy and happiness?
A: The term “blessed” means happy, but happiness can be a momentary or fleeting feeling. Joy is a lifestyle and attribute of the Holy Ghost.