Watch: Bitten, but not infected!

A glimpse into the reaction to Bishop’s message during Family & Friends Service today!


Bishop Leslie: ‘Thank God for Grace’

Grace Apostolic Church welcomed Bishop John T. Leslie, Jr., of Church of Jesus Christ, Inc., in D.C., and his flock, in honor of Bishop Pendleton’s pastoral anniversary. Follow the service as it happened.

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Final Day: Bishop Nelson gives a faith forecast

“It’s going to rain,” Bishop Nelson prophesied on Sunday, the last day of Bishop Pendleton’s 23rd Pastoral Celebration. “And no umbrellas are allowed.” Bishop Nelson read the following rainy-day scriptures 1 Kings 18:41-45, Zechariah 10:1 and James 5:17, for a message on the abundance and overflow that is sure to saturate the saints based on their faith in the Lord.

Congratulations to Bishop and First Lady Pendleton.

Congratulations to Bishop and First Lady Pendleton!

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Day 3: Bishop Leslie: God will restore you
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Day 5: Elder Jenkins teaches on the ‘things’ of life


Last word: Bishop Pendleton wraps up the service.

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