Do You Believe?

Courtesy of kissrichmond.com

Courtesy of kissrichmond.com

God can work miracles whether you believe it or not, but God wants you to believe that He is able. God is working right now on things you’ve been concerned about. Don’t allow pride or fear to keep you from asking for help and from receiving your answer from The Lord. God wants you to trust Him. This is a faith walk, so use your faith (Matthew 9:27-31; Mark 9:23-24).

God required even Abraham to use extreme faith to believe God would bless Him with a child in His old age. (Romans 4:20-21) God works outside of the norm.  (more…)


What is your prayer for this nation?


Another spiritual awakening or Azusa Street revival, prayer in schools, fully recovered economy or troops safely home?

When we quote the Book of Chronicles what are we as individuals really saying that we desire for this nation, in terms of healing? And now that President Obama has been officially and ceremonially sworn-in and inaugurated, how do you want to see God move on this land?

Abortion Epidemic, Part 1: ‘Each one reach one’

Read about the church's role

Abortion is an issue that has become very relevant in every community. Since the Roe v. Wade decision of 1976, abortion has become pivotal to political campaigns. With each new presidential candidate and transition of power, the laws concerning abortion change as well. Recently, more taxpayers’ dollars have gone to funding abortion. Also, the time frame in which you can have an abortion has changed. It is clear that this issue isn’t going away anytime soon, and so it is with great hope that this series will help to break down how the body of Christ can be proactive in the race against abortion, how those who may have had an abortion or are considering having one can be educated and healed, and how we, as believers, can understand the role we play in discipleship and ministry in the life before and after abortion.

The church’s role
God states that we where created in His image and that His love for humankind surpasses any condition. God laid down His life so that man could prosper and have a long fulfilling life even after death. There is no doubt that His passion for humankind is irreplaceable. Nothing can change that. He wants man to excel in his (work) both spiritually and naturally.  (more…)

Photos, video: Elder Shaw teaches Black History

Remember the faith and healing services of way back, when the elders would lay hands on the afflicted and the church would pray?

Elder Shaw re-enacted this spiritual ritual during the Black History program, sponsored by the Mentors ministry, on Sunday. The program was rife with readings of notable African Americans like Sojourner Truth and Paul Robeson. Elder Shaw was the keynote speaker and began his message with a review of the lives of D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry, as a civil rights activist, and Mildred Boyd, an evangelist. He later said that he used them as natural and spiritual examples of how anyone can make a difference.

Watch a slideshow of the program on our Facebook page.

Sis. Gravette bares her soul, salvation

Sis. Gravette said she was blessed with water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, and then the infilling of the Holy Ghost last year. We asked her to relate her testimony so that God would get the glory, and that others would overcome just by hearing it. Here it is in her own words.

Even though I was raised in the church, I didn’t really understand the role that the Holy Spirit plays in my relationship with God. As a child I was sprinkled but never baptized. As I grew in my walk with God and my desire to know what His plan was for my life, I always had this overwhelming sense that something was missing.

Every time I went to church and the pastor extended the altar call for those who wanted to be saved and give their lives to Christ, I would hear the same voice saying to me,”I’m talking to you.” I could never understand why I kept hearing this because after all, I had been sprinkled at the age of eight. In all the churches that I went to, no matter what state I was living in, with whom I went, or what reason I went, I always heard the same  voice. “Fran, I’m talking to you.” (more…)