DC DE MD District Council

Seeing signs of a dead church? How to take an autopsy

During the Fall Session of the D.C., D.E., M.D., District Council of the PAW, Inc., Pastor Michael Barber, of Dominion Apostolic Ministries, discussed how to examine the Body of Christ. He advised that churches prioritize soul-winning, as the heartbeat of God, by inspiring the Body and putting people in a position to see God move and have defining moments.

As a Council, we’re in the process of becoming one and beginning to move as a unit, but we have to capture the heartbeat of God. And whether or not, there is growth, we shouldn’t have to wait until something dies until we have an examination. How many churches die because they didn’t take an autopsy? (more…)


Bishop on the “The Power of One!”

Bishop Pendleton, new diocesan of the DC DE MD District Council of the PAW Ministry, breaks down the vision that God has given Him for the council. Follow @grace_apostolic on Twitter for the highlights.